UO Worlds: Ilshenar

3/23/2019 12:40am EST

Added Great Dragon

BODs are now available every 2 hours, instead of 6.

3/1/2019 11:05PM EST

Fixed HelpStuck options

Fixed Bedlam Teleporter

Added Necromare

Fixed issue with Felucca rules

3/1/2019 12:30AM EST

All Virtue books have been tied to their respective shrine. Once the books are spawning on mobs, you will need these books to enter the shrine teleporters.

Bedlam quest has been configured to work in Ilshenar. You will find the quest NPCs and iron maiden in the 2 main cities. This will take effect next reboot.

2/28/2019 10:27AM EST

Site updated to reflect new UO Worlds server, Server is up, beta-ish, will not wipe.

Content updates are on-going